Does Zimbabwe have any opposition party or it has critics masquerading as opposition parties? A friend of mine, visiting Zimbabwe from Netherlands claims he has discovered that Zanu-PF will rule this country forever and ever because there is no opposition.  All Zimbabwe has are critics, who offer no tangible solutions. All what Zimbabwe has are pseudo-opposition parties, who emerge to challenge Zanu-PF on the eve of elections. In between elections they retreat to their shells and plunder the little money they would have diverted during election campaign. In between elections they only put pressure on the Government, through stage-managed demonstrations ahead of major international events. Outside that, the opposition is in tatters. Zanu-PF on the other hand has emerged one of the strongest political parties in the world, always awake to the realities around it and watching every move by its detractors. Zanu PF, despite its factions, is still very strong and far from meeting its demise. Zanu PF does not decamp. It will remain in power until an opposition party is formed. So far, there is no opposition!

Could this be true or a false observation from an outsider?