Dear Isdore,

Thanks for facilitating my great stay in Zimbabwe and allowing me to meet your people, especially village elders.I arrived home safely.

Zimbabwe is a great country, far from what we get in the media in Europe. You guys are lovely people. When in Europe you get this bad impression that you cannot walk freely in Zimbabwe and worse still, travel to Zanu PF’s rural strongholds. But I found that not true at all. Remember I almost refused to leave your village after that engaging conversation with elders.

In your politics, Mugabe is not THE DICTATOR they say he is in Europe. He has religiously adhered to election schedules. He has accepted outcomes of two referendums (1999 and 2013). He is an extra-ordinary African leader! Indicators on the ground are that he will win 2018 elections.

Zimbabwe is great and peaceful and there is food all over the place. Its people are great. Its wildlife is pristine. I loved the Victoria Falls. My friends are enjoying my Zimbabwean stories. I am telling them about the real Zimbabwe, not a fictitious one, not a European imagery.

Wish you the best in your profession. Be the great writer that you have always been.

Happy festive season,

Yours sincerely

Professor Leon Rus Klensin