Isdore Guvamombe

Well, this villager has been following events in the ruling Zanu- PF in the past few days which reached crescendo in the  media on a “bombshell” from Mashonaland Central provincial chairman, Cde Dickson Mafios, when he said President Mugabe should not appoint his deputies and is, it, Politburo members and that instead, they should be elected.

If my journalistic memory serves me right- which it normally does-  Cde Mafios is not dreaming, he went back to the Mashonaland Central resolutions archives and picked on a resolution announced by then provincial chairman Cde Border Gezi about two decades ago at the Zanu-PF Annual people’s Conference held in Mutare (either 1996 or 1997 thereabout).

Apparently or rather ironically, Cde Mafios was in that executive led by Cde Gezi.

Those who were at that conference remember Cde Gezi’s booming voice announcing, let me try to quote :  “President ndavekutaura nezvimwe zvandanga ndanzi navaMutasa nevamwe ma senior party officials ndisataure, asi ndakuzvitaura nekuti pano ndauya ndakamirira vanhu vekuMashonaland Central. Vanhu vandakamirira pano shefu, vati hachadzi kuti maPolitburo members muuite eku appoinda, vanoda kuti vavhoterwe nevanhu, nekuti vazhinji vacho varikwedu havasi kuuita basa.”

I had to joke about it with Cde Gezi after the conference and his justification was that he had been sent by the people.

Now with the one from Cde Mafios, the problem is it has been outdated and outlawed by the December 2014 Congress. Is it that Cde Mafios and the sponsors of the resolution or both, are living in the past or they are up to political mischief?  Only time will tell.