Isdore Guvamombe Reflections

Well, the curtain is coming down on the Barak Obama administration to pave way for Donald Trump, whose unexpected entrance into the American statecraft has sent shivers and smiles, mixed

But for now, this instalment will not go into what the people expect of Trump and what they do not expect, for back in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, elders say you only remove the legs of a grasshopper when you have caught it, then bag it. Trump has promised not to interfere in other nations affairs but once again it is a lie. Wait and see.

When Barak Obama entered the American statecraft, with an emphatic phrase, “Yes We Can” the greater part of Africa, forever an expectant and myopic lot- stupid even- expected a lot from him and indeed, today Africa can laugh at itself and say, “after all, we expected honey from a fly!”

The Obama administration, backed by a vindictive and unforgiving but experienced Hillary Clinton, did not do anything but propagate American foreign policy, that of strangulating small economies; oppressing and dehumanising blacks and Muslims all over the world, the American backyard included; that of suffocating Governments that refuse tow the American line; that of sponsoring wars outside American soil and indeed that of positioning the American as the big brother to everyone.

To that end the Obama administration pitched itself head high to show that American interests were more important and above international law, above the sovereignty of other countries and higher than the human rights of non-American citizens. Dangerous as it might appear and as it indeed is, the Obama Administration went for it hook, line and sinker.

African were every disappointed and so were smaller nations. African thought Obama was African but he proved was purely American in deeds and in thought. Hillary Clinton had a leash on Obama’s neck and at the end Obama was a ceremonial leader. It was all Clinton and the white capital she represented that ran America.

I am sure no one will miss the Obama Administration.

The full import of it is that Obama fitted well into the American mantra; that which sees Africa as a big cake with an inexhaustible plethora of minerals and hence the relentless drive keep as much control as possible on African governments. That goes as far as deployment of military personnel disguised as peacekeepers, all in order to have total control of the African governments and indeed total control of the huge untapped mineral resources.

African and other small nations that are however, rich in minerals are categorised and placed under strategic think tanks that mould policies and programme to penetrate those countries either through regime change or manipulative projects. In regime change, the US create and sponsor opposition parties to take over power or in worst scenarios they do direct military intervention either using United Nations structures or NATO. At the end they get to these resources. Libya, Mali, DRC and Cote DIvoire are good examples. In Zimbabwe’s case the opposition is lots without being hand-held by America and its allies. The opposition completely stops thinking.

America spends a lot of money and time on opposition parties the world over to effective regime change. White House itself, has found a new smokescreen behind which to hide, in the name of fighting terrorism. It is fact not fiction that terrorism is there and threatening many people the world over but it is overplayed and abused by America.

But to make American hegemony of Africa and smaller nations of the world realistic the US has come up the a strong and technically equipped and superior military outfit called AFRICOM, specifically mandated to deal with Africa and create an American liberated economic zone. AFRICOM uses protection of trampled citizens as a smokescreen behind which it hides it occupation of Africa.

But like the proverbial Biblical camel, one the head is in, slowly the monster will fit in in full and squeeze out the small owner. For about a decade now AFRICOM has been working on establishing military bases in Africa as a way of easing their reach to unexploited mineral resources. Well, this should not be acceptable to all reasonable African leaders.  African leaders must never trust American on AFRICOM. African Union itself must be solid on its understanding on why Africa should never tolerate AFRICOM. It is dangerous!

Never mind US cheap talk about democracy, good governance and accountability, no matter how nice it is packaged to you, the motive is to get to our natural resources and milk us dry. If America is so fascinated about democracy and human rights why are black people and minority are races in that country being bullied and killed by US state machinery every day?   It is a case of the devil preaching sanctity. We will not waste time going into how the American machinery had soiled reputation of leaders who stand for black, like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Everyone know that.