Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila’s second and last term expired on Monday December 19 2016 (Yesterday).  According to the DRC Constitution, a President can only be elected for two terms but will remain President for as long as no other person has been elected. The DRC Independent Electoral Commission says it cannot hold elections before August 2018, because it is broke and it needs to register some 45 million people who are not on the voters roll. Kabila’s Government says it is equally broke because it spend a lot of money fighting rebels in the past five years. What is the future of DRC as small opposition parties support Kabila while the biggest opposition party led by Jean Pierre Bemba, says it will pour into the streets in protest. Should they hold on until 2018 and hold credible free and fair elections? Or, should they rush to elections without 45 million voters who are unregistered? When then is democracy, democracy?