By Tendai Toto

I share the plain truth opinion below with all friends that have an interest in the current Zimbabwean politics and in particular the call that President Robert Gabriel Mugabe must resign his office, step down or demise to pave way for new leadership in Zanu PF and in the Zimbabwe Gvt. The review of the personality and character of President Mugabe, Zanu PF party and its membership reveals that there must be an unwritten political pledge and or declaration of marriage with Zimbabwe that was, is and will be enforceable to the Zimbabwean citizens; that HIM and they leave political dominance and leadership of the Gvt of Zimbabwe at their will and pleasure or through their demise. The demise of Zanu PF can only be possible through an elective process BUT the demise of President Mugabe is GOD controlled or Satan hinted.

Directing to the desire by my friend Peter Muchirahondo that the aged President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and First Secretary of Zanu PF retires his two offices paving way for Walter Mzembi & G40, myself (Tendai Amon TOTO) and Lacoste and others interested the following is instructive;

President Mugabe is serving his current tenure in terms of Section 95 of the Constitution (whether legitimately elected has been the subject of moot arguments; he is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, his legitimacy has not been challenged in any court of law (Section 93 of Constitution of Zimbabwe “CZ”), so he is the President. Even then in 2008, Tsvangirayi smelt coffee from a distance, the personality of Mugabe and his Zanu Pf party and members therein put a stop to the transfer of power! Sad or not; Tsvangirayi sipped coffee and was sadly ejected from the dining room in 2013.

President Mugabe has not resigned (Section 96) and has not been removed from office (Section 97). Can Zanu PF cause him to resign his office as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe (Stepping Down)? NO! Even if he is “recalled” by Zanu PF, NO! Resignation from the office of the President can only be in terms of Section 96 and not even at the will and whim of a “recall” by the political party that he belongs to.

Constitutionally President Mugabe resigns at his prerogative or is forced to resign and he agrees to resign or succumbs to the force to resign and does resigns! As it stands, resignation remains his prerogative and an elective choice in the absence of effective and fruit bearing force!

Now that he is endorsed by all and sundry representatives of provinces in the Zanu Pf party, the dream shared by many that he must step down as President and as first secretary of Zanu PF remains a DREAM especially when he accepted the endorsement (whether by persuasion, own will and or desire).

Your preferred Mzembis & G40, myself and Lacoste can only succeed him on the Republic’s Presidium when any eventuality happens in terms of Section 101 of the CZ. Sad of course that only Lacoste Mnangagwa is illegible to succeed him. Any eventuality that is provided for in Section 101 benefits Lacoste therefore as First Vice President referred to therein. For the avoidance of doubt, Mphoko is second vice President.

So, the preferred Mzembis and others of the G40 stable hailing from either Gvt or Zanu Pf stand not in the queue of succession in the event of the eventualities stated in Section 101. If President Mugabe demotes Lacoste and appoints another first vice president; then Lacoste’s hopes and aspirations to become President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and also his political career and leadership are all restricted to other positions in the Zanu PF political party, Gvt of Zimbabwe or some other political forums. G40 prays that the latter happens as catalyst to dislodge Lacoste of political power; in this case, President Mugabe would have betrayed Lacoste.