Isdore Guvamombe  Reflections:

In less than a moon, African leaders meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the first African Union Summit of 2017. The AU Summit is where decisions to spearhead the continent from its past to the great future are made.

Suffice to say, the AU Summit comes at a time when Africa has made it categorically clear that the United Nations should be reformed to accommodate African needs, opportunities, problems and solutions from a practical standpoint and not from a speculative position.

Of course AU has in the past few years made significant progress in spelling out and stamping its authority on international matters of governance, but that will never be enough until the UN is reformed to become compatible.

At the moment African countries are forced to work with a plethora of international organisations that were historically created by Western countries through a spectacles that saw Africa as a young brother to Europe, as  basket case and indeed, as a host to second class citizens of the world. That is a fallacy, which until today, the UN in its current format, is promoting.

The current UN order promotes western values, governance, big brother mentality and pushes it through a host on international mechanisms and organisations, invented by Europe. And, with strong support from Washington, the international organisations never seek to promote equality. What are defined as human rights and development are seen in the eyes of Europe and Africa must accept and adopt those definitions and operations even when they defecate on the delicacies of African life. The UN as it stands promotes European value systems and interests and does not recognise that Africa has its own needs and tastes.

It is, therefore, unfair for UN to continue abusing archaic statutes and structures that do not take into cognisance the African story. Privileged countries, led by the United States of America are busy infringing on African people’s rights and beliefs and it is clearly unfair to allow them to continue leading UN structures and abuse them every day.

The UN Security Council in particular, has been forever abused and now drips of African blood. It smells regime change. It is fetid, smelling of everything bad. It needs sanity by at least having one or two African countries that will give it a new depth, impetus and trajectory. Outside that reform the UN Security Council remains a pain to Africa.

Admittedly, is it very complicated work for Africa to win the UN reforms! It is akin to trimming the feathers that make Europe and its allies fly high over other nations in general, and Africa in particular. Africa, therefore, needs a comprehensive, well thought out and spelt out intelligent strategy. Mere talk will not bring results. The UN bias will continue.

When we reflect back at the recent events with the International Criminal Court, the ICC, smacks of nothing less than the abuse of African countries by pro-western lobby groups. South Africa was very embarrassed over the Al Bashir visit. SA was very humiliated in front of African leaders and up to today, SA is very bitter and angry to the point where it has decided to quit ICC. By doing this, SA has shown us the way. Africa does not deserve this humiliation. Burundi and Gambia has shared the same anti-ICC sentiment and so has Kenya.

SA has tried to show everyone that it is not a “Banana State” and all African countries should show the same.  SA clearly showed many African countries that when you sovereignty and dignity is defecated upon, you react in equal anger and disgust. What ICC is doing is simply defecating on our sovereignty and dignity.  It is soiling our humanism, freedom and independence to govern our countries. It is placing us under the illegal legalities.

When you reflect, the history of ICC shows that it is by and large a tool used by Western countries to castrate and cow African countries who are willing to challenge the West. It is meant to remove African leaders who do now tow the US-EU line of thinking and behaviour.  The UN Security Council also becomes handy.

If you look at the mess in North America and Middle East you then get a much clearer picture. That Mess was created by the US-EU alliance, under the disguise of UN Security Council and because of the involvement of western lobby groups, no one in that region has been brought before ICC.

AU must just use its own court of justice because it has the capacity to deal with its own problems. Africa’s dilemma are the people it is working with in these organisations, IMF, World Bank etc, they were all planted by the US-EU alliance. Unless reform take shape, Africa will remain subservient to US-EU alliance.