Isdore Guvamombe

Well, over the past decade or so, I have noticed that democracy has been redefined to mean anti- Zanu-PF. Day in day out, everyone who opposes Zanu-PF thinks he or she is fighting for democracy and that ultimately he or she is also democratic.

But on close analysis those who claim to be proponents of democracy, are themselves highly undemocratic, intolerant of divergent views, introvert and in many cases emotionally unstable and vulgar.

Now, the question is, is what made MDC break into several political parties not a reaction to undemocratic tendencies in the leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai? Or, conversely, are those who broke away from Tsvangirai not undemocratic themselves, selfish and intolerant?

Finally, could it not be that Robert Mugabe is too democratic to allow the formation of so many political parties and even allow small flies to say nonsense about him?  When then, is democracy, democracy? Is democracy seeing things the European way? Are Africans not democratic without doing things the way Europe see them? Is being democratic doing things the way US and its allies in Europe want?

I have asked too many questions, let me retreat back to the village in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve.  Karitundundu weee!