Isdore Guvamombe

In October last year, I set myself to explain to Zimbabweans in their broad totality that bond notes were the immediate solution to our cash crisis but alas, my relatives and close friends both doubted my sanity. I was called names both in word and in their minds.

I explained the difference between bearer cheques of that infamous hiatus and bonded money but everyone thought I had lost my marbles. My close friends and associates, one of them former Herald Chief Sub Editor Ishumael Mwenda, who in the past trusted my journalistic mind, differed with me and even said I needed to be examined by a psychiatrist.

Most of my former school mates at Waddilove High School took me on for a whole afternoon on WhatsApp, and never believed my mind was still sound. I stood my ground. I had studied the concept and satisfied myself that it was the way to go, then.

Today, the bond notes are holding their own. The prophets of doom have their tail between their legs. I haven’t seen a psychiatrist. The bond is the strongest currency trading on one is one with the US. Has anyone learnt economics from this Government?