Isdore Guvamombe

For many years Zimbabwean soccer fans have been hopeful that one day, the senior national team, the Warriors will bring glory home. Ear in year out, it has been a painful experience to see them do a Houdini of too near, yet too far.

The AFCON 2017 has provided the same platform where, the Warriors, the only team from Southern Africa, has once again disappointed its fans. Too many theories, too many heart aches and too many little else.

Their first game at AFCON 2017 against a weak Algeria, was there for the Warriors to lose due to a second half tactical gaffe that exposed the lack of depth of the technical team.

The second game against Senegal proved that there was no defence to talk about except the goalkeeper Tatenda Mukuruva.  Without that youngster between the poles, 10 goals against Zimbabwe were possible.

I know most of you guys are still hopeful, but if the truth be told, our stay is over. Our boys will be back home after the next game.

Like or hate me, this is fact not fiction. It hurts!