Isdore Guvamombe

Just two months after the US presidential election, both outgoing US President Barack Obama and incoming President Donald John Trump agree that the US election was rigged. They only differ on who rigged.

Obama accuses Russia of rigging to help Trump win through hacking while Trump says about 5 million Americans were sneaked in to vote illegally by the Obama administration.

Now, the real story is, US, the world’s self-acclaimed pillar of ultra-democracy, the self-appointed policeman of the world has failed to run free and fair elections.

Could this be the reason why America sees rigging every time a candidate they don’t like wins an election in other countries? Could it be that America is so much afraid of Russia’s continued growth in world Status? Could it be that both Trump and Bush have no faith in the US electoral system?

At the end, the truth could be, the US electoral system is as vulnerable as any other system in the world and that it cannot be used as yardstick for free and fair elections?

It therefore, means the US has no moral, political or technical authority to challenge other electoral systems in the world.