When we herded cattle back in the village, there were teaser bulls. The small bulls, that always started a fight they never really wanted to finish. They would moo noisily, spatter dung all over, gore bushes and muddy their faces on anthills, strut and fret. But when the bigger bulls, the real deal started the fight, the teaser bulls would disappear.

But as we grew up, we became more intelligent and apprehensive and we would drive them back for a gruelling encounter and indeed, they were gored silly.

Zimbabwean politics has its own teaser bulls and Evan Mawarire is one of them. He made a noisy entrance, strutted and fretted, raising the libido of war mongers and political upstarts. I warned people in an article in July last year, that the guy was not the real deal. He is an attention seeker. Gullible Zimbabweans, hungry for ‘change’ were duped into believing he was the real deal. Never! I said never in July and I still say NEVER! He is not the deal. He is a chancer! A miscalculating one for that matter.