Kony Victim

This teenage girl had her lips cut off



A former Catholic altar boy from northern Uganda, Joseph Kony has waged war in central Africa for more than two decades. He has kidnapped more than 1 000 children, more than 3 000 adults and killed thousands.

He claims that his Lord’s Resistance Army movement has been fighting to install a government in Uganda based on the Biblical 10 Commandments.

But his rebels now terrorise large swathes of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, and he is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Regional armies are trying to hunt them down with the help of 100 US soldiers but have failed to get him over two years now.

In 2008 Mr Kony was due to sign a peace deal with the Ugandan government, but peace talks fell apart because the LRA leader wanted assurances that he and his allies would not be prosecuted. To date he continues to abduct and kill many Ugandan, Congolese and Sudanese.