Isdore Guvamombe


Back in the village in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, history is told about how liberation movements started throughout the continent under one banner, the African National Congress in the 1950s.

Today Africa remains under the same threats that forced Africans to revolt en-masse, but that Europe and its ally the United States of America are doing it more subtly and more cleverly by sponsoring opposition political parties, whose mandate it to reverse all the gains of independence.

That 1950s was aptly named the Time for Wind of Change. After the banning of the ANC by colonialists, that is when many liberation movements that we see today, eg Zanu PF were formed to circumvent the ban.

Today the only country still using the name ANC is South Africa. Ironically South Africa was among the last countries to gain independence and was hence helped by many of its neighbours to free itself.

Hence historically South Africa is among of key players in Africa. The ANC Government has of late moved closer to total emancipation of the black majority by taking a bold decisions to repossess the land and to quit the flawed International Court of Justice.

Well such strong positions were possible to achieve with undisputable sovereignty, self-sufficing and independent leadership and successful economic strategy. At the moment things are hard as Europe continues to fund those who oppose black emancipation.

On another social issues ANC has been very successful.

Mainly it has become possible because of current leadership of ANC party that rules the country since its independence. It is important to remember the role of liberation movements in the history of Africa; only people who took part in a struggle for independence and self-determination really know the value and meaning of this.

Only these people know how it is important to be independent from external control.

But events that happen nowadays indicate that many people have very short historical memory of some South Africans who have established and supported opposition parties to fight ANC.

One of its bright examples is “Democratic Alliance”. It is a silly political rhetoric aimed to kicking out ANC in 2019 elections. But its actions are even more complicated. Remember a court case that was brought by DA to annul decision about SA withdrawal from ICC.

Now that was very stupid if you ask this villager.  Whose interests does DA uphold? Interests of ordinary South Africans or interests of some western sponsors who are very angry because of such decision of SA leadership trying to protect sovereignty of this county? No doubt that the second option is much more realistic.

Western sponsorship has also proved by occasionally appearing information in mass media about finance flows to SA oppositions. It is never a people-centre opposition. The same can be said about Zimbabwe’s opposition.

There are a lot of examples all around the world when such hostile activities resulted in coups and further sovereignty loss but South Africans do not seem to understand this.

There is no doubt that western intelligence services are also involved in this story. Their main aim is to U-turn SA policy towards close cooperation with US and Europe and to spoil current fruitful relations with alternative centres of power like Russia and China. BRICS is the real deal that is feared by US and its allies. BRICs is democratic and successful.

Western countries don’t want BRICS to be a powerful organization where everything is done on mutual interests, that’s why they do everything to ruin it from inside and with hands of SA in particular.

To achieve their goals, DA is willing to bring so called “white minority” to power, whose ideology contradicts what apartheid fighters were fighting for. This is the thing that SA nation should realize immediately to avoid losing their sovereignty by making this U- turn.

There is no doubt that today, Africa’s future foothold on its vast natural resources and all the freedoms that goes with being African can only be upheld by liberation movements.

Liberation movements were the ones to bring independence and must continue fighting to defend the values that they went to war to promote. The DA and its like-minded formations in Africa such as MDC-T should be condemned and dismissed as European appendages of reversing gains of independence.