Zuma might after all be Joshua



Finally South African President Jacob Zuma has crawled his country out the long abyss of economic exclusion by the minority white. Since independence in 1984, South African leaders from founding President Nelson Mandela to ousted Thabo Mbeki where mere figure heads that did not change the economic status.

Like or hate, Jacob Zuma, he has finally seen the light and is suddenly changed the course towards land repossession, radical economic reforms to ensure that black finally get their dignity and power.

Zuma is his final term could be one to deliver South Africa from bondage and the dude must have learnt a lot from President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, over the years.  If he starts the project, he will forever be remembered as that President who delivered independence to his.

The oppressors and their handlers in Europe are beginning to ask silly questions like, Are South African ready to take over land and the economy? Well, that is hog wash, if you ask me from the village. They can run their country and economy. VIVA ZUMA