Barrow taking Gambia back to erstwhile former colonisers?

Adama Barrow 2

New Gambian President Adama Barrow has decided to return the country to the Commonwealth, a grouping of Britain and 53 of its former colonies. Ousted President Yayah Jammeh had withdrawn from Commonwealth in 2013, calling it a neo-colonial institution. Barrow has also decided to return to readmit the country to the International Criminal Court after Jammeh had withdrawn the country last year. Both ICC and Commonwealth are tools seen by African nationalists and revolutionary who fought colonialism as a subtle way of recolonising Africa. The big question now is: Is President Barrow not taking the country back to colonial master in the name of democracy? Is he now trying to be the darling of the west? Is he not a puppet of the West? Who sponsored his election campaign?