UN Security Council: Smell the coffee Uncle Sam

Isdore Guvamombe

Back in the village in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve no amount of cosmetics can beautify a frog. What is bad and ugly  remains bad and ugly.

Africa has been oppressed for too long.

Africa has over the years been clear that it needs a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and the United States of America and its allies have been the biggest stumbling block on this agenda.

The United States of America has brazenly proved that it sees Africans as inferior and not deserving such representation at the highest level.

Well denying Africa, the right to be represented at the international forum where decision critical for the survival and advancement of humanity is not only political mischief, but outright thuggery and dehumanizing.

President Robert Mugabe has come out strongly as one of the strongest campaigners for Africa’s recognition at the highest level. Africa is strongly behind President Mugabe. Africa is saddened by US and its allies who have used all dirty tactics to close out Africa from strong UN organs such as UN security council.

When Barack Obama went into power, Africa was fooled by the black skin to believe things would change in the United States of America but nothing changed for the better things got worse. In fact, white capitol made sure that Hillary Clinton runs the country, with a long leash on Obama.

Soon Africa was to be forever disappointed to realise that Obama was no deal at all for an Africa looking for improved respect from Unites states of America and Western Europe, an Africa looking for fair trade from the United States and its allies: an Africa looking for increase participation in United Nations’ powerful organs and indeed aa Africa seeking to heard and treated as an equal partner.

Now even today under Donald Trump, the story is the same. The United States of America continues to prove that it does not respect international law. Unilateral actions against sovereign states and its leaders have become a normal reality for White House, and new Trump’s administration is not an exception.

They do not care about possible consequences. They just act as they wish. And latest missile attack of Syrian airbase is a great example. There was indeed no thinking involved. It was emotional tantrum manifesting itself through bombs and when the emotion subsided, the US turned on Syrian rebels. Now what exactly is this?

US claims that it was a proportional response to the use of chemical Weaponry by Syrian army. Fetid! But they don’t see it necessary to prove this fact or to bring any kind of evidence. As it happened many-many times ago in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. They just find a groundless pretext to act on, showing everybody that they don’t care about international law, opinion of other countries and so on. Trump’s words about “national interests of US” don’t explain anything.

How does the usage of chemical weaponry in Syria directly affect US national interests? And if so, where is direct evidence that it was Syrian army who did it? Where are the results of investigation? Why Washington thinks that they became an “international judge” that can act without any kind of trial?

And these acts of aggression will never be investigated by any of international courts like ICC! Does the ICC turn blind when issues involve the US?  US seems to be a country that can violate any kind of rules, kill innocent people, and stage regime changes, without being accountable to anyone but itself.

But even being a superpower US can be stopped by international community from acting like this. They need to gang up against the US and stop its Shenanigans.

Africa always wanted to have a permanent seat in UN Security Council. But before archiving this goal Africa must show everybody that it can form a unanimous position that condemns such kind of violations of international law.

Africa must unite and speak loud. This is the only way of showing everybody its outstanding role on international arena.

United States of America continues to prove that it does not respect international law.

Unilateral action against sovereign states and its leaders has become a culture at White House, and new Trump administration is not an exception.

Going forward the US must understand that the time has come for Africa and the oppressed citizens of the world to unite and demand what is right. That is fact and not fiction. No amount of cosmetics can beautify a frog.