2018 Elections: Raymond Majongwe, a prophet or realist?

About a year before the 2013 Harmonised elections, Raymond Majongwe predicted a landslide victory for President Mugabe and his Zanu-PF Party. Many critics who did not want to listen to his truth, dismissed him as a failure who had been bought to subvert the so- called democratic forces. But what Majongwe said

This time around Majongwe has predicted an even bigger margin landslide victory for 2016 elections. Of course Majongwe is neither or prophet or soothsayer. He is a realist.

My investigations show that Majongwe who leads the Progressive Teachers Union, is in touch with the base. While he moves around the country to interact with his constituency, has come across information about the real situation on the ground. You can dismiss his assertion at your own peril.

Like or hate him, the points he raises about opposition political parties concentrating on trivia and circumventing people’s issues are critical to the voter. Our people like projects. They like things that change their lives immediately not promises. They want food. They want their children to go to school. They want seed and fertiliser. Things which the opposition is unable or rather unwilling to provide.

While the opposition is flirting with electoral reform and stupid democracy, Zanu PF is feeding its base, it is with the people in the villages. It is doing things.

While Tajamuka is looting in burning in town, Zanu PF is on Command Agriculture, new Curriculum, school children feeding schemes, food for work and food for vulnerable people, including the lame and the elderly.

Listen to Raymond Majongwe.