Walter Magaya

This is football prophet, not healing

Isdore Guvamombe

When I read in newspapers on Monday that Prophet Walter Magaya, that charismatic preacher and affable Man of God was so pissed off with the loss of his football team, Yadah FC to legendary Stix Mtizwa’s Black Rhinos, I knew the Man of God was not immortal, after all. This is not prophetic healing, it is football. This is not a world of prophecy but of football.

He went into the Premier Soccer League to win and not to lose. But you see, it is a fallacy, even by prophetic mischief, to think that a log thrown into the river turns into crocodiles. Never. Only in the world of prophetic healing but not in football.

Yadah FC are small boys in the premiership and there are big boys in there with a daring temerity to turn anointing oil into used oil. Ask Chimurenga Music Guru, Dr Thomas Tafirenyika Muchadura Mapfumo, what happened to his Sporting Lions?

I thought as a prophet the Man of God needed not to be taken by surprise by any game result, for God so gifted him with spiritual spectacles to see where the villager’s ordinary eyes cannot see. The Man of God sees tomorrow today. Isn’t it?

Well back in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, while we played paper ball, boys of the mentality of the prophet would, upon losing, pick their ball, stick it under the armpit and walk away, while other still wanted to play. Kkkk.

Walter Magaya… Walter Magaya… Walter Magaya…- three times! Welcome to the world of real football. Football is going to soil your name. You are already into it so fight on.

Do village elders with cotton tuft hair not say, a man who swallows a mango seed, should be sure about the size of his opening, for the undigested seed would soon seek exit?