Isdore Guvamombe

Back in the village in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, sometimes you have to play the role of a fool, to fool the fools, who think they are fooling you.

In the end the prank allows the fool to bare it all. Suffice to say, village elders with cotton tuft hair say, beware of a naked person who offers you clothes.

For years now the United States of America and its allies in Western Europe think that liberation movements in Africa are fools. But the clever liberation movements have indeed played the fool by pretending to subscribe to Eurocentric democracy, good governance and accountability yet the bigger picture is that the liberation movements now know all the neo-colonial shenanigans and have hardened their positions.

After learning from the demise of Kenneth Kaunda’s United Independence Party in Zambia liberation movement such as Zanu-PF of Zimbabwe, Chamachamapinduzi of Tanzania, Revolutionary Front For the Liberation of Mozambique, Movement for the Liberation of the People of Angola, South West People’s Organisation of Namibia and the African National Congress of South Africa, among others have learnt how to counter the US and its allies.

Every sane African leader knows that the United States of America is the most lethargic killer of innocent people in a multifarious array of wars outside its soil and also the most cunning sponsor of regime change in Africa, yet it wants to portray itself as the clever and clean one: as the ultimate democracy and believer in human rights.  Who does not know that the liberation movements brought sanity, respect and dignity to Africans who, for, years were regarded as second class citizens of the world, with not human rights?

Even today, the US and its allies still hold African in low esteem and think Africans are fools who need to be taught how to run their own countries. We are not fools but at times we play the fool to fool USA and its allies.

Today one of the biggest problems for Africa is regime change efforts sponsored by Western Countries. For countries like US or UK, Africa remains to be a continent that will never be equal to them. They must influence who rules Africa, because the Africans themselves are unable to choose a suitable leader.

That’s why they never give credit to liberation movements that really liberated African from colonial bondage and made Africa great. There have been concerted efforts to portray liberation movements as evil, undemocratic and corrupt, while sponsoring opposition parties that they want perceived as democratic forces.

That is why all countries where liberation movements are still in power should work together and unite. It is very important to stop countries like US thinking that they are unique and great.

But the problem is already here. A lot of opposition parties in Africa are operating with sponsorship of Western countries.

Some of them get financing directly and some through different organizations like NGOs and so on. Imagine what can happen if the biggest economy in southern Africa, Sotuh Africa changes its foreign policy towards West because Democratic Alliance (for example) comes into power? South Africa automatically becomes another rough state because it won’t have an opportunity to control its domestic and foreign policy. The people of SA don’t need it. It is going to be a disaster for the country and for the whole region!

Let us focus on the recent visit of Carol 0’Connell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Obviously it is another round of instructing local NGOs and opposition movements before elections in our countries.

African leaders of the region should unite and block all the attempts of West to influence on the domestic and foreign policy. They should choose right friends to cooperate with, countries who will respect their sovereignty.

South Africa is really under pressure after it became imminent that the land reform is inevitably coming. The black majority is demanding what it deserves. Zimbabwe will be under pressure again as the 2018 election beckons.

Liberation movements should huddle together and fight in one corner. There is a strategic project to wipe out all liberation movements. The time to unite is now.