When Tanzania President Mr John Magufuli came into power, he carved a figure of an African leader who knew how to transform the lives of many Tanzanians.

Sooner than the voting ink dried, he started getting praises from Europe and started kicking out of his Government, political enemies under the guise of corruption.

Soon he started becoming more Eurocentric than Afro-centric.  The world watched with abated breath. Now he has become a real monster and is fast losing respect and love from many.

His latest charade to bar teenage mothers from going to back school has attracted a lot of criticism from the world.

The girl child in Tanzania like any other in Africa faces several disadvantages and one of them is falling pregnant while at school.

Many African countries have adopted a position where after giving birth, the girl can go back to school and continue her education. Magufuli seems to the pulling back the cloak of time.