South African President Jacob Zuma is one President who did not go through formal education and many people chide him as uneducated.

But one thing is for sure, he has held his own as a leader of one of the oldest revolutionary parties ANC. ANC was formed in 1912 and he still holds on.

During his tenure, there have been serious attempts to impeach him but what is critical is that the impeachments are sponsored by those who fear that his black empowerment drive might actually take shape.

Now that he has increased his talk on land reform, the western sponsors believe they can destabilise the ANC and make it lose focus on the land reform and the entire Radical Economic Transformation project.

But as things stand, Zuma has stood against the tide and indeed he has survived many attempts.

However, if the truth the told, black South Africans still await their day and the day is not far away. The mentality to get rid of all revolutionary parties in Africa is growing in western capitol.