Wherever I am, my shadow follows me. Visible or invisible, this is my best friend. It has been with me day and night. I have trudged the length and breadth of the world and this shadow has stood the test and taste of life with me, past picturesque mountains, past boggy marshes, past silver-lined clouds and indeed under cloudless skies.  It had boarded ox-drawn carts and planes, as this villager switches from one realm of life to another.

My shadow has followed me to the the river, it stood by me through courtship and marriage, through hardships and good times: through my philanthropic work in the village. This shadow has defined me or I define it.

One great thing about this shadow is it knows all my secrets but it remains quiet. DIMG_0145dead quiet like the innards of  a grave. Finally, when the story of my life is told and my work on earth is done, this shadow will follow me to the grave. And, together, we shall rest in eternal peace.  Big up my shadow. My great friend and great impostor.